Who needs a website?

Who needs a website? You do.

Most likely, if you are a reader of this blog, you need a website. I don’t care if you are an employee, self-employed as an affiliate of a bigger business (real estate agent, insurance agent, financial planner, franchisee, whatever), and, certainly if you have your own business (with or without a store front.)

Why am I so insistent that you need a site? Because in today’s society, more and more is happening via the web. And it will only increase.

Not only are people (your potential customers… or even potential employers) using their computers and search engines instead of phone directories, they are using the browser built into their smart phones. And millions more every month are jumping on board.

In my post “Got Website” I made the case for a small business owner having a site. But I also get pushback from some of those I listed above (and maybe from you?) that they don’t need a website. Sometimes, the argument is the value trade-off… the return isn’t great enough to spend the dollars or effort on a website.

Either way, it is clear that those folks haven’t seen it. And I don’t know that I can convince them. But maybe, you are still looking for a reason for doing it?

I was visiting with an insurance agent recently about this. She directed people to her primary underwriter’s website. I asked what happened when she changes affiliations. All those people have the old one bookmarked… not her site. Even if she just had a pass-through to the underwriter’s website, she could then change it when she changes affiliations.

But she also lost the opportunity to do a value-add to her customers. Now they don’t think of her as the go-to person for their insurance needs… she is just a “salesperson.” Now, I happen to know that she provides a lot of value-add to her clients… but they don’t realize how much.

With her own site, she could have a Frequently Asked Questions… about her business, about insurance, about the company she represents. She can offer tips for financial security. She can offer a free insurance “check-up”. And she can still link to the underwriter at appropriate places. (Note: always check regulatory limitations concerning things like this.)

Real estate agents, salespeople of all stripes, franchisees, MLM business owners, you name it. You want people to think of you when they think of the product or service you sell. And one way to reinforce that is through your own website.

Make it an “unofficial” one if you need to. Do it for your side business. Do it for your career.

Career? Yes, if you are wanting to get ahead in your career (or career field), get a website. (Get a domain with your name in it if you can.) Is your employer going to toot your horn? Or can you do a better job?

A career website that lists your accomplishments and advancements is like a permanent resume sitting out there for other companies and recruiters to find. It can enhance your prestige within any associations you are part of, any conferences you attend. Put your website on your business cards. (I recognize that most companies you are employed by will have their standard business card which won’t have a place for your website address. So make your own card and use it judiciously.)

One note. Don’t put anything on your website you wouldn’t want your current employer to see. (In other words, don’t be actively fishing (job hunting)… just have a hook and worm out there in case a fish swims by.) But don’t be afraid of them seeing it. After all, they are out recruiting, too. And I can guarantee that most employers don’t have a clue as to the potential their employees have. Their current manager and their (unread) personnel file are the only ones who see the accomplishments of even great employees.

Okay. What about you? Have I convinced you? Do you have a website? Don’t think you need one? Use the comments and tells us about.

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