When Deadlines and Flow collide

In the past, I have talked about the value of working to your natural rhythm. In addition to increasing your productivity, it makes the whole thing more fun.

But what about those times when you have a deadline and your natural rhythm isn’t in synch with it? What do you do then?

I wish that I could suggest a magic pill that would suddenly make it all work together and still be fun. The truth is, I haven’t found one… and haven’t run across anyone else who has, either.

Even so, there are things you can do in this situation. I will share two of them with you, here. I don’t promise you will like them, but they will get out of your situation successfully (with a positive outcome.)

1) Grit your teeth and do it anyway. I know that flies in the face of the “having more fun” part, but sometimes you have to do it. The two positive aspects of this outcome are
a) you do get it done (even if it is painful… or at least no fun)
b) If you do this enough times, you will learn to look ahead so you can avoid this situation

Which leads us to

2) Keep looking ahead to the deadlines that are coming. Factor them in as you use your natural rhythms. Tackle those projects, tasks, or whatever it is while you are in the flow of your natural rhythm. This lets you work during your strength times and minimizes those painful times.

Yes, it takes a bit of self-discipline and some foresight. If the price is too high, you always have option 1 above. Your choice.

Have you found the magic pill that can help us out here? Is so, use the comments and tell us about it.

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