Two Parts to Success

“The first part of success is get-to-it-ivness. The second part is stick-to-it-iveness.” — Orison Swett Marden

Right here is a lesson in success. While you need a vision for what will be, if you never get to it, it will remain just that… a vision.

Bob Jenkins (aka Bob the Teacher) has a motto “Take Action, Revise Later”. (He has a blog post on it with an excerpt from his upcoming book of the same name if you would like to read more about it.) I like this because it embodies a principle that most of us need to heed.

Far too many of us (including myself) have great plans, dreams, or visions but then never see them become reality because we don’t get to it. We keep trying to perfect the plan or attract the resources or find another excuse not to act.

Instead, we need to take action, as imperfect as it will be, and move forward. Once we have experience from acting, then we can revise. In fact, we will have a better result if we act and then revise. We will learn things from the acting that we would never know to incorporate ahead of time… even if people told us so.

But once you act, then the next part comes into play. Stick to it.

There are a few people who have that “stick to it” quality as a natural part of their lives/personalities. The rest of us have to put systems in place to assist us in sticking to it.

Whichever group you fall into, you have to keep at it to succeed. Woody Allen is quoted as saying “80% of success is just showing up.” It is true. But it is a deceptive truth.

Deceptive because “just showing up” is hard. People gradually quit making New Year’s resolutions because they learn that they won’t stick to them.

There are millions of blogs on the web. There are a significantly smaller number of ACTIVE blogs on the web. Part of the reason is that it is hard to write something one to X times per week, week in, week out. You have to show up and produce.

In fact, it is hard to produce something one to x times per week, week in , week out. (Machines can do that pretty easily, humans… not so easily.)

Are there tricks to help? Yes. And maybe I can share them in another blog post. (Hey, I have to have SOMETHING to write about next week… and the week after… and the week, well, you get the idea.) 🙂

In the meantime, may I encourage you to Take Action? Then, as you stick to it, you can Revise Later.

Which are you finder harder to do, right now? Get to it? Or Stick to it?

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