Transforming Bad Stuff to Good in Your Business

At the end of every quarter, you should do a review of your goals and progress (or lack thereof.) Then, decide what needs to change… and start to change it. After all, if you don’t change anything, you can’t expect your results to be different.

Here is a tool to help you review your previous quarter and stop any behaviors that are preventing you from having the results you are wanting… and expecting.

This doesn’t have to take long. You can do it in as little as 15 minutes. But you do have to actually do it. Having the intention to do it, won’t be enough.

Get a pen and paper, find a spot you can focus on it, a cup of coffee, tea, or favorite beverage (but keep your head clear), sit down, and answer the questions. By the way, if you didn’t catch the hint with the “pen and paper” reference, you need to write out the answers. Don’t just think the answer or type it into a computer. (Studies have shown that good things happen in the brain when you write it down.)

1. Did I reach my revenue goal for the quarter? And am I on track to reach it for the year?

2. How am I doing in regard to expenses? Profitability?

3. What do I need to stop doing?

4. What do I need to start doing?

5. What do I need to keep doing… and do more of?

6. What am I tolerating that is holding me back?

7. Are there any ways that my behavior is contrary to my goals?

8. What one thing am I doing that is taking me in the wrong direction, is a waste of time/resources, or is something that I am not invested in?

9. Knowing what I know now, how do I need to adjust my upcoming goals/performance?

10. What one activity, if done consistently, would make the biggest difference in my business this year?

That will give you a good, solid look at what is working… and not working, in your business, right now. If you know that, you know more than (at least) 50% of small businesses.

With that new-found knowledge, take a fresh look at your current quarter goals. In light of what you have learned, what do you need to change in this quarter’s goals? Next quarter’s?

Remember, you get the most bang for your buck by detail planning the upcoming 90 days for your goals… and then working the plan.

Knowing what you know now, what will you do differently? Share with us (in the comments) so we can learn, too.

Having problems with reviewing your goals? Or maybe with figuring out what went wrong? Or how fix the problems you have identified? Contact me. I have a proven record of insights into business, management, and the issues that hold you back. I’ll bet we can find solutions for you.

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