Are Your Goals Too Short?

I have written recently about persistence and it’s importance in being successful. However, persistence is difficult and “un-fun”. Many of us can only force ourselves so far and then “self-sabotage” kicks in. One of the things that can short-circuit our efforts to succeed is how our brain is wired to achieve a goal. You see, when our brain perceives that we have almost reached our goal, it starts slowing down the efforts to finish. It starts “coasting” if you will. (I don’t have space here to go into why it does this but it is a by-product of our long-ago … Continue reading

A Business Plan for Success

I was sitting around a table with other faculty from a business development center recently and they began to talk about the TV show “Shark Tank”. They asked if I had seen it. Since I don’t have cable (and all the shows they had been talking about prior to that were cable shows, I assumed this was another one.) I explained that I didn’t have cable TV. Then they enlightened me that this show was on broadcast television… on ABC, in fact, on Friday nights. Based on what they were saying I decided that I had to catch it, even … Continue reading

3 Keys to Success

      While there are lots of factors in being successful, you can boil them down to 3 essential things.  This 8 minute video will give you those 3 keys you need to succeed in business or in life. Watch and learn how you need a plan, action, and persistence in order to succeed. What about you?  Do you agree?  Did I leave something out?  Tell me about it in the comments. … Continue reading

Want More Success? Do Something Different

We have all heard that saying “The definition of crazy is to keep doing the same thing but expecting different results.” If you want different results in your business and/or your personal economy (your success), you have to do something different. But often, we get bogged down in the routine, develop tunnel vision, and don’t know what to do differently or how to do it if we did know. Here’s a quick tip to help you break loose so that you can more easily see and do different things in your life and in your business. Find seven things you … Continue reading

Eagles, Turkeys, and Soaring to Success

“It’s hard to soar with the eagles when you work with turkeys.” Do you remember that sign/poster/bumper sticker? It has been around for quite a few years. I was reminded of it recently, but not quite in the context you normally think of. As you know, the sign is generally meant as a put-down for one’s co-workers (or boss or subordinates). I don’t know of anyone who views it in a complimentary fashion. And, of course, sometimes an office wit will add “Birds of a feather flock together” to the sign as a put-down for the original poster (sort of … Continue reading