Are You the Target of a Covert Operation?

Are you (your business) the target of a covert operation? If your business isn’t going as well as you would like it to, it may be because there is a covert operation that is sabotaging some of your success. You’ve undoubtedly heard of business espionage. It shows up in the news periodically – especially when a high profile company or case is exposed. Sometimes the goal is purely stealing trade secrets, while other times it’s aimed at limiting the success of the competitor. But this isn’t limited just to big-time companies. Companies of every size have this happening to them. … Continue reading

What’s Gratitude Got to Do With It?

What’s up with this gratitude stuff? Have you heard the messages about gratitude, lately? It seems to come in waves, almost like a fad. And, if you’re in trying circumstances, having someone suggest you should be grateful is pretty annoying. I know sometimes in that situation I’m thinking, “I’d be pretty grateful if you would just shut up.” After all, when we’re miserable, we want sympathy not platitudes. So, if you’re miserable at this point, please know that you have my sympathy. Additionally, I’d like to share a tool with you that can ease your misery. You probably guessed it. … Continue reading

Make Your Reality Better Than a Fantasy

I once had a bumper sticker/placard that read “I have given up on reality and am now simply searching for a good fantasy.” I kept that for a long time because it resonated so much with me. (Somewhere along the way, it disappeared but I can still quote it from memory.) Have you ever felt that way, too? If so, I have really good news! You create your own reality. Or, perhaps, I should say, you co-create your own reality. And, yes, that really is good news. I hear you saying, “Oh, no! I didn’t create this. I don’t want … Continue reading

Expectations – A Key to Your Success

Recently, I wrote about expectation and how important it is for someone to believe in you.  (Their expectations affect how you respond to them.) Today, I want to talk about how important YOUR expectations are. There is a positive and an negative aspect to your expectations. You may have heard the saying “You get more of what you focus on.”  (In fact, if you are a long-time reader of mine, you have heard it from me… several times.)  But, even more importantly, “you get more of what you expect to get.” Let’s look at how this works.  If you read … Continue reading

Job Search frustration? Try this tip

I read a letter to the editor in our local paper today where the writer stated that he had lost his job due to the economy a while back. He said he had been diligent about searching for work (for months), applying online and in person, following up the next day… mostly didn’t get interviews, but when he did, employers acted like they didn’t want him… and he was peeved that they said they were looking to hire employees but they weren’t hiring him. His view was that the economy is in shambles, the recovery non-existent, and the businesses who … Continue reading