One Easy Step to More Power

You are you ready get more power (back) in your life? It’s simple. And, even easy. (At least, the technique is easy.) Are you ready? Here it is: Take ownership of yourself and of your decisions. How? One way is to start using the phrase “I choose to….” For instance, instead of saying “I don’t have the money”, say “I choose to spend my money on other things.” This can be used in your business, dealings with employees, relationships, your time management, your own internal dialogues – just about anywhere. Sometimes you will say it out loud, sometimes simply to … Continue reading

Life As It Is

Life as it is… or life as it should be? Many years ago, I was part of a group that periodically required me to do a monologue in front of others. One that worked particularly well for me was from the musical Man of La Mancha by Dale Wasserman. The piece I did was not written as a monologue but rather a lengthy reply in a dialogue. In it, Miguel de Cervantes was answering the accusation that he and his character Don Quixote were a danger to the world because of their idealism and that Cervantes was as mad as … Continue reading

Should You Have A Mentor?

On one of my websites, I have quotes from several successful people extolling the virtue of mentors. In fact, a couple of them pretty much say that if you want to be successful, you should have a mentor. Now, just because somebody (even somebody successful) says something, doesn’t mean that everybody who hears it will run out and do it. So, let’s take a look at it and see if this is something you should do. Most people I talk to fall into one of two camps. Either they understand about mentors and the value of them, or they don’t. … Continue reading