Curb Appeal – Even When You Don’t Have A Curb

In a recent post we talked about Curb Appeal and your store front. But what if you don’t have a store front? What if you work out of a home office, your car, a warehouse office, or similar? What then? You still have curb appeal to contend with. It’s just that curb appeal isn’t only about a building (at least in the sense we are talking.) It’s about the first impression people get from you. How do people get that first impression of you if you don’t have a store front? There are a number of ways… as many ways … Continue reading

More Voices for Doing What You Love

Have you heard me say this before… find what you love (what you are built for) and then build your business or your career on that? I have several posts on this blog related to aspects of that. Some of the posts are about particular aspects of it–from finding your strengths (we tend to love the things that we do well “naturally”) to discovering your mission. If you haven’t seen those, I encourage you to look them up. I return to this theme periodically because of what it will do for you. I am writing this post on my birthday… … Continue reading

A Sure-Fire Recipe for Success

Want a sure-fire recipe for success? Play to your strengths. This is easy to say and hard to do… but not because it is hard to utilize our strengths. Rather, it is hard because we don’t know what our strengths are and our culture is focused on shoring up our weaknesses rather than utilizing our strengths. Very few people can truly name their strengths (more help on identifying them below). We just don’t focus on it as a society. Not many of us had parents that recognized and cultivated our strengths. Most of them pointed out our weaknesses and “encouraged” … Continue reading

Play To Your Strengths – Outsource Your Weaknesses

I ran across a quick video that talks about playing to your strengths in your small business. Let me point out that the information is much more widely applicable than just small business (so please watch it even if your aren’t a small business owner)… but I agree that small business people are among the worst abusers of this. I know because I see it every day in my business community… and because I have to fight this tendency in myself… and sometimes I win. 🙂 Take a look at this video and we’ll talk more afterwards. One of the … Continue reading