Are You the Target of a Covert Operation?

Are you (your business) the target of a covert operation? If your business isn’t going as well as you would like it to, it may be because there is a covert operation that is sabotaging some of your success. You’ve undoubtedly heard of business espionage. It shows up in the news periodically – especially when a high profile company or case is exposed. Sometimes the goal is purely stealing trade secrets, while other times it’s aimed at limiting the success of the competitor. But this isn’t limited just to big-time companies. Companies of every size have this happening to them. … Continue reading

Referral Source or Referral Partner?

Every business needs and wants referrals. However, there is a kind of referral that you accept and a kind that you cultivate. We are all happy to accept someone sending us a referral… someone we can turn into a customer. But, most of the time, these are random, occasional happenings. They happen when someone who knows us or our business likes us and mentions us to a friend, acquaintance, or business associate. The referrer will happen upon the person, remember us, and refer the person to us. It may or may not be a good fit for us. Let’s call … Continue reading

Got Website?

Imagine a picture of a person with a computer screen instead of a face, with a browser filling the screen. Below it is the caption “Got Website?” I realize this is a poor ripoff of the the “Got Milk?” advertising campaign. But, I wanted to do something to help capture your imagination on the importance of having a website. If you already have a website, good for you!.. but you may want to keep reading, anyway. (There may be some things here you haven’t considered… or done… yet.) In my training/upcoming book/and upcoming home-study course on ways to increase your … Continue reading