Prepare to Succeed

The other day, I wrote a post titled “Prepare for Success“. In it I asked, “So, have you gotten the revelation, yet, to prepare for success?” I then went on to talk about revelation – the “ah-ha” moment you need to have concerning preparing for success. Next, I wrote about a different aspect of that question, that of expectancy. I asked, “Are you expecting to succeed?” And we talked about the power of expectation. Finally, I want to address the most obvious aspect of Preparing for Success — the preparation part. This could easily grow into a book chapter (or … Continue reading

Prepare for Success

So, have you gotten the revelation, yet, to prepare for success? That question can mean different things to different people… what did you think of? Did you think about your level of expectancy? Are you expecting to succeed? Maybe you keyed in on the preparation part. Yes, it’s true, you do have to prepare. Success doesn’t just happen by itself. Or maybe you got hung up on the term revelation. Did that throw you or make you think that you had to have some mystical experience in order to achieve success? In future posts I want to talk more about … Continue reading