Attitude for Altitude

“Kay-Cee-Five-Six-Niner-Niner, you are clear for takeoff.” And with that, the engine throttles up, the brakes are released, and the little plane starts rolling down the runway, picking up speed with every second that passes. At the right speed, the pilot pulls the steering yoke gently back and the nose lifts. Shortly after, the other landing gear is clear of the runway… and the plane is airborne. The pilot keeps that nose lifted… gently… so the plane will continue to gain altitude. It rises gradually… or more radically, depending on the attitude of the nose. (The angle of the the climb … Continue reading

3 Low-cost Keys to Finding More Sales

Sure there has been a recession… some would say a depression. But even in the midst of it, there are a number of businesses that are not just hanging on, but thriving. They prove that it can be done. Are you one of them? If not, what can you do to increase your sales in a down economy… especially this economy? Here are 3 keys that can turn the lock for you while you keep your integrity and your quality in your creative business. (These are not the only keys available, but they are quick, low-cost ways to improving sales … Continue reading