Are You Planning to Succeed?

In theory, you planned out your year before it started. You got that done over the break between Christmas and New Year’s. Or at the very least, you got it roughly planned out with the first quarter seriously planned. That’s the theory, anyway. If you are like 95% of small business owners, you haven’t done ANY of it (either personal OR for business) — even if it’s July. You know that it’s important. You know the sayings, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there” and “In the forest, a compass is more important … Continue reading

What Does Success Mean to You?

Today’s post comes courtesy of a guest blogger, Susan Henderson ( I have been following Susan’s newsletter “The Successful Dilettante” for a couple of years. If you like this post, I would encourage you to check out Susan’s website and sign up for her newsletter.

Is it Time to Re-examine Your Concept of Success?

In writing or speaking about success so many self help experts and gurus will tell you that if you just do exactly what successful people are doing then you will also have success.

As if it is a given that borrowing someone else’s concept of success is the best way for you to attain success.

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Plan on Planning

As I have mentioned, I was working on one of my books (Starting Your Creative Business) and I wrote about three prerequisites you need to have before you even start. As I did, I realized that you really need those three things (Passion, Persistence, and a Plan) throughout your whole business life (and can make the case for throughout your whole life – business or otherwise.) So, I decided to share about them briefly here even though you may have heard these before, because, if you are like me, an occasional reminder is in order.  Today, I want to cover … Continue reading