A Business Plan for Success

I was sitting around a table with other faculty from a business development center recently and they began to talk about the TV show “Shark Tank”. They asked if I had seen it. Since I don’t have cable (and all the shows they had been talking about prior to that were cable shows, I assumed this was another one.) I explained that I didn’t have cable TV. Then they enlightened me that this show was on broadcast television… on ABC, in fact, on Friday nights. Based on what they were saying I decided that I had to catch it, even … Continue reading

Prepare for Success

So, have you gotten the revelation, yet, to prepare for success? That question can mean different things to different people… what did you think of? Did you think about your level of expectancy? Are you expecting to succeed? Maybe you keyed in on the preparation part. Yes, it’s true, you do have to prepare. Success doesn’t just happen by itself. Or maybe you got hung up on the term revelation. Did that throw you or make you think that you had to have some mystical experience in order to achieve success? In future posts I want to talk more about … Continue reading