What’s Gratitude Got to Do With It?

What’s up with this gratitude stuff? Have you heard the messages about gratitude, lately? It seems to come in waves, almost like a fad. And, if you’re in trying circumstances, having someone suggest you should be grateful is pretty annoying. I know sometimes in that situation I’m thinking, “I’d be pretty grateful if you would just shut up.” After all, when we’re miserable, we want sympathy not platitudes. So, if you’re miserable at this point, please know that you have my sympathy. Additionally, I’d like to share a tool with you that can ease your misery. You probably guessed it. … Continue reading

When “The Answer” Isn’t

One of the 7 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Success is “Trying to do it all on your own.” And it’s true that a huge percentage of us do this. You probably know the correction for it is to get help. I advocate getting help. In fact, my business is built around helping people — through teaching and through group or private coaching. However, there is an undercurrent that I see that can be very dangerous to your efforts. That undercurrent is to expect the upcoming help to be your “deliverer”. Or perhaps, “The Answer.” I see this in pitches from … Continue reading

Quitting IS an Option

Quitting IS an option. It is always an option. And, sometimes, it is the right course of action. I know that flies in the face of all the “go get ’em” advice from the gurus. In fact, it even seems to contradict the advice I give in the 7 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Success™ (Mistake #6 – Giving up too soon). However, there is a time and a place for quitting. Stephen Covey in his 7 Habits (book and program) points out that a compass is more valuable than a clock when you are in the woods. He rightly says … Continue reading

Economic Shambles

In the last post, I wrote about a frustrated job seeker and his letter to the editor. I talked about his situation and some things he (and others like him) could do to help in their job search. His view was that the economy is in shambles, the recovery non-existent, and the businesses who indicate they are looking for employees are simply leading people on (and he implies they are doing it to bedevil the poor job applicants and fill them with false hope.) Is the economy in shambles? Is there a recovery? Are businesses the devils he has concluded … Continue reading

“Magical” Success

Today, I want to point you to a blog post by Mark Dykeman on the Lateral Action website/blog. Mark’s post “Why Creative Work is Like Making Magic” has a lot of relevance if you are interested in success. While Mark talks about it from a Creative professional’s point of view (after all, that is the focus of lateral action), his points apply to personal success, career success, and business success. It would do Mark’s post a disservice for me to try to restate his points here, but please make special note that knowledge, preparation, planning, rehearsal, and execution are fundamental … Continue reading