Turn Your Mission Into a Business

I have a workshop called Turn Your Mission Into a Business. The end result is the discovery of a business that you can do… doing things you love to do… in a way that makes money for you. (If this sounds like something you might be interested in, pop on over to the website.)  In the course of working with a participant, I said some things that I think you might find useful, as well. Remember to keep the end in mind… a business that you love, that you love to do, and that will make you money (at a … Continue reading

Passionate about Passion

As I was working on one of my books (Starting Your Creative Business), I wrote about three prerequisites you need to have before you even start. As I wrote about them, I realized that those three things (Passion, Persistence, and a Plan) are also things you need throughout your whole business life (and can make the case for throughout your whole life – business or otherwise.) You may have heard of these before, but, if you are like me (and most of us), an occasional reminder is in order. And so, let me just touch on them briefly here. Today … Continue reading