Why Even Be in Business?

“The mission of this business is to actualize customer service in concert with promoting world class products in a manner consistent with maximizing profit-generation.” I teach about the Business Plan at a business education center’s 10 week class for new business owners. In it, I touch on the section about the mission of the business (and the mission statement.) The students have already covered the mission of their business in the course and I am just reviewing it at that point (in theory.) I say “in theory” because the reality is that most of them didn’t really figure out their … Continue reading

Turn Your Mission Into a Business

I have a workshop called Turn Your Mission Into a Business. The end result is the discovery of a business that you can do… doing things you love to do… in a way that makes money for you. (If this sounds like something you might be interested in, pop on over to the website.)  In the course of working with a participant, I said some things that I think you might find useful, as well. Remember to keep the end in mind… a business that you love, that you love to do, and that will make you money (at a … Continue reading