When Is the Issue Not the Issue – Find and Fix the Root Cause

One of the things that really irritates me is when someone tells you (me, my clients, someone else) with great sincerity and “wisdom”, you just need to get over it. Sometimes they say it more nicely, like – “Or you could develop more self-control.” “Or more self-discipline.” Or “you shouldn’t care what THEY think.” Or… What they are really saying is “I don’t have that problem… and I’ve never had that problem…. So, how tough can it be?” (Or “I’ve had that problem but I don’t remember what it was like to lick it.”) I mean, how tough can it … Continue reading

The Real Holdup for Business Success

I have recently realized that about 60% of my work with business owners is not directly about their business, their process, or their systems. It is about their life issues. Sure, I teach them about creating systems, about business plans and how to use them effectively. And I teach them about marketing networking cash flow top line sales bottom line results hiring interviewing employee relations customer service and satisfaction email marketing expansion issues positioning (in the market and relative to competition) branding improving efficiencies negotiating contracts firing customers (yes, you read that right) dealing with vendors managing partners selecting a … Continue reading

How to Tell What’s Important

Today I am going to, as they say down in Texas, “get to meddlin’.” This is a phrase often said to preachers when they say something that hits home and makes people feel uncomfortable. The sentence usually goes something like “Preacher, usually you have some real good stuff for us, but today you got to meddlin’.” Here it is, the plain, unvarnished truth: we (you included) make time and money for the things that are important to us. Just about every time I teach this I either get howls of protest or people squirming uncomfortably in their seats. “That can’t … Continue reading