The Real Purpose of Marketing

Have you ever been frustrated because you realize that you have a great product or a great service that can help – I mean really help – people, but they’re not finding you? And you knew that if only, somehow, the person that needs exactly what you have could be put together with you, then “magical” things could happen for them? I certainly have. Today, I had an “aha” moment about marketing. I’m sure you’ve all had these kinds of moments where you have heard something, been told something, perhaps even encountered it. You think you know it, but you … Continue reading

Which is Better – Marketing or Sales?

There is a difference between marketing and sales. It is important to understand the difference if you want to stay in business and make money. I know some people who spend all their time and budget on marketing. They go out of business. I know some people who spend all their time on sales (prospecting, sales conversations, sales pitches.) They also go out of business. If you want to increase your revenue, don’t confuse the sales process with the marketing process… and vice-versa. This applies to every kind of business — retail, service, B2B (business-to-business), wholesale, food service. It is … Continue reading

Social Media – Right and Wrong

“By their fruit, you shall know them.” This quote has been around for a long time. (It is attibuted to Jesus in the Bible and versions of it are encountered in documents older than that.) The biblical text goes on to explain that you get olives from an olive tree, not from a fig tree… and vice versa. For gardeners in the southern U.S., you might say not to expect peanuts from a strawberry plant. And that you can tell what kind of plant you have by what fruit it bears. Why do I tell that story? Because it is … Continue reading