Your Dream Job Success Strategy – Part 2

In my post Your Dream Job Success Strategy – Part1, we listed these components of a strategy to find and land your dream job: Identify the gap between the skills and talents you have… and those the dream job requires. Determine what jobs will fill the gap… and if there is an optimal order to pursuing the jobs (so you can acquire the skills and develop your talents.) Start your search for the first intermediate job. Package yourself appropriately in your job search. We explored the first two in that post. In this one we will cover the next two. … Continue reading

Looking for that Dream Job? Here’s help

In my post Dream Job or Fantasy?, I highlighted an entitlement mentality that pervades too many job seekers (or even job holders). I touched on what’s wrong with this viewpoint and why it can sabotage our careers (even as the person thinks the opposite.) Then, in You Can Have Your Dream Job, I talked about having a dream job (it’s okay to have it as a goal), and beginning steps to have that dream job. In this third post in the series, I would like to share a foundational thing you need to do in order to make that dream … Continue reading

Dream Job or Fantasy?

I recently read about a 24 year old, Scott Nicholson, who is living at home because he can’t find a job “that suits him”. He is a college grad who has a lot going for him, except one thing. He has an entitlement mentality. Why do I say that? Because he applied for one job at an insurance company (management training) and was interviewed for and offered a job for a different one (claims adjuster). He turned it down. The job paid $40,000 a year and was the first (and only) job offer Scott had received in 5 months of … Continue reading

Job Search frustration? Try this tip

I read a letter to the editor in our local paper today where the writer stated that he had lost his job due to the economy a while back. He said he had been diligent about searching for work (for months), applying online and in person, following up the next day… mostly didn’t get interviews, but when he did, employers acted like they didn’t want him… and he was peeved that they said they were looking to hire employees but they weren’t hiring him. His view was that the economy is in shambles, the recovery non-existent, and the businesses who … Continue reading