So, Deal With It!

In a recent post (Resistance Is Futile…Not), we looked at identifying resistance that could result in sabotaging our goals.  The resistance we discussed is not the stuff we encounter from the outside world – friends, family, competitors, environment and such.  The most crippling resistance is that which is within ourselves. We talked about how the inner resistance can sabotage everything we are trying to accomplish.  It can manifest as a pain (often in the gut) every time you think of your goal.  It can even come up as words or concept or feeling/knowing when you state your goal. Coaches and … Continue reading

Resistance is Futile…NOT!

Recently, I have noticed a lot of people with a lot of resistance… not resistance to me but resistance to their own goals. Now, the truth is, most people don’t consciously recognize their own resistance. As a result, they don’t acknowledge that they have it. Thus, it becomes a silent saboteur to their success. There is a lot we could say about resistance, but I am most interested in helping you recognize when you have it and then how to deal with it. The first thing to realize is that resistance is not, in and of itself, bad. It is … Continue reading