Upsell or Bait-and-Switch?

As someone’s customer, which of the two following scenarios would you rather encounter? You visit a merchant and spot a $10 item that you want and it seems like a pretty good value at that price. As you attempt to buy it, the salesperson (who may be the owner) directs your attention to a $30 item that is only vaguely like the one you picked out… and strongly suggests you buy it… or even better, buy both since there is very little overlap in their functionality. OR You visit a merchant and spot a $10 item that you want and … Continue reading

Get Clear on Your Goals

In The 7 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Success™ I talk about goals and the need for clarity. And it’s true. You do need to be clear on your goals as a first step. But there is more to goal-setting than just clarity. You also need specificity. Specificity (which is a difficult word to pronounce properly, by the way) is about being specific in your goals. It’s not enough to want your business to increase its revenue next year. You need to set a target amount for the increase. That amount could be in absolute currency amount (additional 50,000 dollars) or … Continue reading

Cost-cutting or Revenue Growth as the Way Forward?

You may recall my earlier post where I referenced a letter to the editor by a Twenty-Something (implied) who was out of a job and was very frustrated that he couldn’t find work with his associates degree. And then the next post where I discussed his suggestion that the economy is in shambles. Today, I want to address the business perspective. As I was preparing this post, I serendipitously ran across a column by Ed Wallace, host of Wheels radio show, columnist, and long-time authority in the automotive business. In his column titled “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, Part 1”, Ed … Continue reading