Do Scammers Know Better Than You?

It’s time to revisit the importance of your ideal client or customer. Whenever I talk about ideal clients with people, I often get the reaction “oh, I don’t want to turn anyone away.” Paradoxically, to get more clients, you have to repel a lot of people… people who have no intention of being your client/customer. If you believe that anyone who is alive and has money is your potential customer, then you probably don’t have a lot of them. And it costs too much to obtain the few that you do have. I am working with a client who has … Continue reading

Beating Feast or Famine with your Ideal Client

Is your business sporadic? Does it seem like business is “feast or famine”? Is it all because of the economy? I have heard the “feast or famine” complaint in all economic cycles, so the primary problem isn’t the state of the economy (though a poor economy makes the “famine” cycle more painful.) No, the primary issue is about attracting and acquiring customers… customers who want to buy from you repeatedly. It is well beyond the time and space we have in this article to address the whole issue, so for this article, we’ll just look at one aspect… your ideal … Continue reading

Finding the Ideal (Paying) Client

Ever have a problem with people asking your for advice or for a service from you (that you do… or are trying to do as a business) but not wanting to pay for it? Usually it is friends, acquaintances, relatives, or some such… people who don’t think of themselves as customers. If you are just starting in business, this may be a high proportion of the people you deal with. And soon, you wonder about your own worth… maybe your information, service, product (whatever you offer) isn’t really worth paying for… since they don’t seem to value it. (I will … Continue reading