What’s Gratitude Got to Do With It?

What’s up with this gratitude stuff? Have you heard the messages about gratitude, lately? It seems to come in waves, almost like a fad. And, if you’re in trying circumstances, having someone suggest you should be grateful is pretty annoying. I know sometimes in that situation I’m thinking, “I’d be pretty grateful if you would just shut up.” After all, when we’re miserable, we want sympathy not platitudes. So, if you’re miserable at this point, please know that you have my sympathy. Additionally, I’d like to share a tool with you that can ease your misery. You probably guessed it. … Continue reading

Are You the Smartest Person in the Room?

Is your business suffering from “smartest person in the room syndrome”? You may have heard of this syndrome as it was used in the news reports referring to the Wall Street brokers and the financial meltdown resulting from it. Small businesses suffer from it, too. Many small businesses who have achieved some success have this problem. (Those who are still struggling sometimes have this problem… which is why they are still struggling… but most of them have a different problem. We will talk about them another time.) In fact, having some success is part of the problem for those afflicted … Continue reading

My Teacher the Hawk

I have previously used the hawk that started visiting us in July as an illustration of some lessons we can all use. Since his visitation is continuing, I wanted to share an update (and a few ways his story applies to us.) If you haven’t been following the story, a hawk showed up in our backyard on July 5th, 2011. He has been hanging around, showing up every day or two (or three). At first he was very interested in the water in our pool (but couldn’t figure out how to get a drink from it without falling in.) Once … Continue reading

Are Your Goals Too Short?

I have written recently about persistence and it’s importance in being successful. However, persistence is difficult and “un-fun”. Many of us can only force ourselves so far and then “self-sabotage” kicks in. One of the things that can short-circuit our efforts to succeed is how our brain is wired to achieve a goal. You see, when our brain perceives that we have almost reached our goal, it starts slowing down the efforts to finish. It starts “coasting” if you will. (I don’t have space here to go into why it does this but it is a by-product of our long-ago … Continue reading

Lessons from a Hawk

You may know that I have been visited by a hawk, recently. (Or maybe this is the first you have heard of it.) I didn’t do anything different, but one has shown up in my backyard for a couple of weeks (but it seems much longer.) We live in a semi-rural part of town, so it is not unusual for us to see wildlife about, on occasion. We periodically see a coyote or a fox ghosting across the fields at dawn or dusk. We see the turkey buzzards wheeling about on the air currents looking for road kill. We will … Continue reading