A Business Plan for Success

I was sitting around a table with other faculty from a business development center recently and they began to talk about the TV show “Shark Tank”. They asked if I had seen it. Since I don’t have cable (and all the shows they had been talking about prior to that were cable shows, I assumed this was another one.) I explained that I didn’t have cable TV. Then they enlightened me that this show was on broadcast television… on ABC, in fact, on Friday nights. Based on what they were saying I decided that I had to catch it, even … Continue reading

Plan on Planning

As I have mentioned, I was working on one of my books (Starting Your Creative Business) and I wrote about three prerequisites you need to have before you even start. As I did, I realized that you really need those three things (Passion, Persistence, and a Plan) throughout your whole business life (and can make the case for throughout your whole life – business or otherwise.) So, I decided to share about them briefly here even though you may have heard these before, because, if you are like me, an occasional reminder is in order.  Today, I want to cover … Continue reading