Curb Appeal – Even When You Don’t Have A Curb

In a recent post we talked about Curb Appeal and your store front. But what if you don’t have a store front? What if you work out of a home office, your car, a warehouse office, or similar? What then? You still have curb appeal to contend with. It’s just that curb appeal isn’t only about a building (at least in the sense we are talking.) It’s about the first impression people get from you. How do people get that first impression of you if you don’t have a store front? There are a number of ways… as many ways … Continue reading

A Lesson in Unprofessionalism

So many small business owners shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to acquiring and keeping customers. I don’t care if the business is a retail store, a manufacturing one, a service business, a craft business, or some variation or combination. How can you build your business if you don’t take care of your customers? As a business coach I have noticed these things for a long time. I’ll bet that you’ve seen these kinds of things, too. Recently, I wrote about professionalism and how it was lacking in so many businesses. Today, I am writing about a different … Continue reading

Build Your Business by Being Professional

There are certain things that you need in your business… no matter what business you are in. Especially if you want to build your business. One of those things is professionalism. What is professionalism? It is acting like a professional. What is a professional? Someone who earns their living from a particular action, skill, trade, or endeavor. Too many times, when someone says “professional”, a lawyer, accountant, or Wall Street exec pops into mind. While these may be examples of professional people, what about professional photographers, professional dressmakers, professional real estate agents, or professional oilfield equipment salesmen? These are all … Continue reading

Referral Source or Referral Partner?

Every business needs and wants referrals. However, there is a kind of referral that you accept and a kind that you cultivate. We are all happy to accept someone sending us a referral… someone we can turn into a customer. But, most of the time, these are random, occasional happenings. They happen when someone who knows us or our business likes us and mentions us to a friend, acquaintance, or business associate. The referrer will happen upon the person, remember us, and refer the person to us. It may or may not be a good fit for us. Let’s call … Continue reading