Increase Your Store’s Curb Appeal

Recently I was participating in a Think Tank session and one of the challenges that surfaced was how to attract customers to actually give that first look… in other words, to get them to come inside. That is a really great question and one that has different answers for different types of businesses. Today, let’s talk about businesses that have an actual store front with walk-in customers. In real estate there is a concept call Curb Appeal. It is how attractive and appealing the house/business/property is when parked at the curb. It is the first impression that a potential buyer … Continue reading

Finding the Ideal (Paying) Client

Ever have a problem with people asking your for advice or for a service from you (that you do… or are trying to do as a business) but not wanting to pay for it? Usually it is friends, acquaintances, relatives, or some such… people who don’t think of themselves as customers. If you are just starting in business, this may be a high proportion of the people you deal with. And soon, you wonder about your own worth… maybe your information, service, product (whatever you offer) isn’t really worth paying for… since they don’t seem to value it. (I will … Continue reading