Be Accountable to Yourself

Accountability is one the major success factors. I have clients who confess that the primary reason they keep hiring me over and over is the gentle accountability that they get from it. (Sure, they get lots of other benefits beyond that, but when they think about the prime benefit they get, the accountability is the one they cite.) Because of the accountability, they get so much more accomplished. And it doesn’t matter whether we are talking business goals or personal transformation. But what if you aren’t my client? How can you get the accountability you need ? One way is … Continue reading

Goal-setting: What Can Backfire

In my post Get Clear on Your Goals, I talked about the need for getting clarity on your goals… including being specific. I even gave a couple of possible examples. But one of the examples I gave has a potential to backfire. The example I used said, “I want 10 new high-dollar customers next year, each one bringing at least $100,000 in gross sales of business for me.” If you do the math, that means an additional one million dollars of gross revenue. I don’t know of anybody who would turn that down. However, just because you wouldn’t turn it … Continue reading