When “The Answer” Isn’t

One of the 7 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Success is “Trying to do it all on your own.” And it’s true that a huge percentage of us do this. You probably know the correction for it is to get help. I advocate getting help. In fact, my business is built around helping people — through teaching and through group or private coaching. However, there is an undercurrent that I see that can be very dangerous to your efforts. That undercurrent is to expect the upcoming help to be your “deliverer”. Or perhaps, “The Answer.” I see this in pitches from … Continue reading

Goal-setting: What Can Backfire

In my post Get Clear on Your Goals, I talked about the need for getting clarity on your goals… including being specific. I even gave a couple of possible examples. But one of the examples I gave has a potential to backfire. The example I used said, “I want 10 new high-dollar customers next year, each one bringing at least $100,000 in gross sales of business for me.” If you do the math, that means an additional one million dollars of gross revenue. I don’t know of anybody who would turn that down. However, just because you wouldn’t turn it … Continue reading

Get Clear on Your Goals

In The 7 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Success™ I talk about goals and the need for clarity. And it’s true. You do need to be clear on your goals as a first step. But there is more to goal-setting than just clarity. You also need specificity. Specificity (which is a difficult word to pronounce properly, by the way) is about being specific in your goals. It’s not enough to want your business to increase its revenue next year. You need to set a target amount for the increase. That amount could be in absolute currency amount (additional 50,000 dollars) or … Continue reading