Promises, Promises

How Important is it to keep your promises?

We all know that the “right” answer is that you “should” keep your promises. We have had that drummed into our heads by parents, and teachers, and preachers for most of our lives.

And most of us don’t do it.

But, I’m not talking about the morality of it. I’m talking specifically from the success angle.

Did you know that when you don’t keep your promises, you sabotage your success?

“Oh, sure, John. I know that. If I piss off my customers or my suppliers by breaking my promises, eventually they will quit dealing with me. And that jeopardizes my success.”

I’m glad you recognize those consequences. But, that’s not what I’m talking about, either.

If you don’t keep your promises (either to others… or even more importantly to yourself), you set up a situation in your brain that saps your self esteem and makes it harder and harder to do anything. You start programming yourself for failure instead of success.

And with that bit of information, I bet you know what the solution is. That’s right, start keeping your promises. And to give you a bit of help with that, Eduard Ezeanu has written a blog post “How to Keep Your Promises“. I encourage you to pop over and read it. (Not now, wait until you finish this post, first.) 🙂

One thing I want to you be aware of that may not be obvious in this discussion. You are making promises to yourself all the time. Many people don’t recognize that they are doing this.

But, when you say to yourself, “I’ll only have one more drink (or potato chip or watch one more show or…) and then have another, you have broken a promise to yourself. When you say “I won’t do that again”, but then do… yep, another broken promise.

When you make a list of stuff you need to get done today, but don’t get it all done… you guessed it… you broke a promise you made to yourself when you created the list.

If you want to quickly raise your self esteem and start creating a pattern of success, then start keeping your promises to yourself. You can even start (as Eduard says) by NOT promising yourself so much. Only promise what you can fulfill.

After you have made a habit of fulfilling your promises, you can start stretching yourself and promise a little more. And, because you have the habit of doing it, you will strive to fulfill that one, too. And then another one… and another one. But this time, without the overwhelm and failure.

Go ahead and get on the track to success… it will work… I promise.

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