Prepare for Success

So, have you gotten the revelation, yet, to prepare for success?

That question can mean different things to different people… what did you think of?

Did you think about your level of expectancy? Are you expecting to succeed?

Maybe you keyed in on the preparation part. Yes, it’s true, you do have to prepare. Success doesn’t just happen by itself.

Or maybe you got hung up on the term revelation. Did that throw you or make you think that you had to have some mystical experience in order to achieve success?

In future posts I want to talk more about the first and second meaning. They are important and I don’t want to leave them behind. …But I don’t have room to cover them here, today

Today, let’s talk about revelation. I’m not really talking about mystical experience, but I am talking about special insight. You know, that light-bulb-going-off-in-the-head experience where you are suddenly aware of something you were ignorant of before.

I had one of those recently… about being prepared for success (surprise, surprise.) My lightbulb came on when I was deep in the middle of a networking/marketing strategy. The strategy was a combination of online and offline networking. I was preparing information, and short presentations about the upcoming classes I was going to teach, and working with contacts to get some venues set up.

I was quite happy doing that, busy with the things that needed to happen. And then I got the revelation.

It came about as I was suddenly pondering what would happen if a couple of these strategies worked… very well… at the same time. If that happened, I realized that I didn’t have systems in place to handle them.

Now, I am not suggesting that you should make wild success your first priority, but you do need to put it into your thinking.

I did not drop everything and rush off to create systems (or hire them) to handle wild success. I did, however, make a note to visit that aspect within a few days to explore what I would need to have in place if it did start to come true. And, in a few days, I did do that exploration. I satisfied myself that I could quickly pull together the resources I would need (on a contingency basis) if things worked out really well.

I also revisited my plans for continued, incremental growth to make sure that was covered, too. (Especially since that is the more likely scenario.)

And with that adjustment, I am now better prepared to handle my business whether the growth is slow, medium, or wildly fast. And I like that. And I think my clients will appreciate it, too.

Now, how about you — are you prepared for success? Use the comments and share what you have done to prepare for it.

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