Is or Should Be?

I my previous post I introduced the question of whether you see life “as it is” or “as it should be”.

I got some interesting responses.

While I didn’t explicitly state a position, obviously I believed there was some merit to seeing life as it should be… or I wouldn’t have chosen the piece for a monologue those many years ago. But, some have mistaken my position not recognizing that I am firmly in both camps.

If all you ever see is what should be, then you are in for a seriously disappointing time. For life will never be what it should be. (And that doesn’t even get into the question of who decides what the “should be” should be.)

But, if all you ever see is what is, you are also in for a seriously disappointing time. For that viewpoint, life will be at the lowest level of randomness and instinctual drives. Anything you can get away with is okay, because that is what is.

The only way forward is a melding of the two — to recognize how things are today but not to be content for them to stay that way. A vision of how things could be, or should be, and then acting on that vision to begin to create a new reality… one in line with the vision.

Doing this will also result in some disappointing times — no one will ever achieve all they envision. However, they will achieve some of it. And this will result in some happily satisfying times.

If you want more success in your life, then you need to develop your inner vision. Imagine what should be… and then go out and make it happen.

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