Expectations – A Key to Your Success

Recently, I wrote about expectation and how important it is for someone to believe in you.  (Their expectations affect how you respond to them.)

Today, I want to talk about how important YOUR expectations are.

There is a positive and an negative aspect to your expectations.

You may have heard the saying “You get more of what you focus on.”  (In fact, if you are a long-time reader of mine, you have heard it from me… several times.)  But, even more importantly, “you get more of what you expect to get.”

Let’s look at how this works. 

If you read the business section of the newspaper (it pretty much doesn’t matter which one), you will come across an article at least once a week that says that the economy is slow, the housing market is in a slump, consumers aren’t buying, and that businesses aren’t ordering (because consumers aren’t buying.)

If you take that assessment as your expectation, what will happen for you?

If your business is aimed at the consumer, you will expect that you will have lower traffic, and that when a customer does come in, they will likely walk out without buying.  If they do buy something, it will be a lower-end product and you will have very little profit from it.

How does this affect your attitude (and actions) when a customer walks in the door?  Do you rush to greet him/her?  Do you give them “red carpet” treatment, and treat them like a million-dollar customer?  Or would that be a “waste” of your time and effort?  After all, why go to the trouble when they are likely to only buy a low-profit item… if they buy anything at all?

Is that how you like to be treated as a customer?  Do you see how your expectation created a self-fulfilling prophecy?

What about a business-to-business example? 

If you don’t think businesses are in a place to purchase from you, will you make the effort to contact them?  And if you do steel yourself and make the call, does your tone and languaging say, in effect, “you aren’t planning on buying this from me are you?  I didn’t think so”?

Now, let’s reverse this.

What if you said to yourself, “there may be a slow economy, but people are still buying things from SOMEONE.  It might as well be ME they are buying from”?  Further, if you recognize that people are buying VALUE (as opposed to price alone), you have the opportunity to demonstrate value to them.

At that point, wouldn’t you make your business-to-business call, expecting that some (or maybe even all) of the people you call will be interested in doing business with you?  And, based on what we learned about expectation, they will actually begin to come into alignment with your expectations… unconsciously.

For the consumer business, if you expect the customer who walks in your store to buy from you, how does that change the way you wait on him/her?  You wait on them attentively because you are expecting a sale.  You demonstrate how your product is a great value and the best use of their money (for this product). 

Once again, based on what we learned about expectation, they will actually begin to come into alignment with your expectations… unconsciously.  Another self-fulfilling prophecy.

And what does that do to your sales?

There are a lot more ramifications to this than I have space to share here, but I think you get the idea.

YOUR expectations have a HUGE impact on your business, on your customers, on what they do, and on what you do.  So, take a look at what you are expecting.  You ARE going to get more of that very thing.

Probably, you are asking yourself, “how can I change what I am expecting?”  That is exactly what I help people do… transform their outlook , their expectations, and their strategies… resulting in transforming their businesses.  Contact me and let’s talk about how you can be transformed.  (Naturally, you will get more value than you expect.)


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  1. C R Mori on said:

    John, I Think you may have found the key to getting things turned around….Up our expectations!

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