New Header Graphic – What do you Think?

I have just put up a new header graphic for the blog.  What you think? I would love to have your feedback on this. Do you like it?  What does it say to you? I am redoing the newsletter and it will share a look and feel with this blog (especially since they are named the same– because they are are complementary to each other.)  I am also looking to echo the theme on my website. So… I would really like to know what you think of it. Please post comments here or on the Facebook page ( – whichever … Continue reading

Feedback Time – What is your Challenge?

Today, I would like to ask you for feedback. What is your biggest challenge in achieving success? (Remember, we are using your definition of success and your challenge may be any area of your life you choose — career, business, financial, relationships, parenting, friendship, personal mastery, whatever.) Please answer with as long or as short an answer as you feel comfortable with. (Use the comments box.) Your answers will help guide the future posts on this blog. Thank you for helping me understand your special challenges. Technorati : challenge, comments, feedback, success : challenge, comments, feedback, success Zooomr : … Continue reading