Doing Business on the Edge of a Cliff?

I recently went to a potential client’s site and have lots of lessons to share with you. This is an $8 million-per-year (revenue) business with the potential for much higher. However, they also are doing business on the edge of a steep cliff and don’t even know it. Yet. I’m telling you this, so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes they have. Additionally, I see these kinds of mistakes in businesses all the time. You really don’t want your business to be one of them. Every one of the items below is easily the subject of an … Continue reading

Strategic Referral Partners — Worth Their Weight In Gold

I was visiting with a colleague who had come to the Think Tank recently (my monthly business brainstorm/answers meeting.) As we talked, it came out, once again, how important it is to get new customers through referrals. It doesn’t matter whether you have a retail business with a storefront, a service business that you operate via telephone or the internet, or a manufacturing business that wholesales to distributors. No matter what kind of business you are in, you need new customers… and the best ones come from referrals. I have written before about the advantages of referral partners. Today, I … Continue reading

Transforming Bad Stuff to Good in Your Business

At the end of every quarter, you should do a review of your goals and progress (or lack thereof.) Then, decide what needs to change… and start to change it. After all, if you don’t change anything, you can’t expect your results to be different. Here is a tool to help you review your previous quarter and stop any behaviors that are preventing you from having the results you are wanting… and expecting. This doesn’t have to take long. You can do it in as little as 15 minutes. But you do have to actually do it. Having the intention … Continue reading

Do You Have “The Happiness Advantage”?

Today, I want to share with you a secret of success. That secret is happiness. Perhaps your first thought is, “John, don’t you have that backwards? Happiness comes AFTER I succeed.” Nope. Success does NOT breed happiness. If you aren’t happy before you succeed, you won’t be happy after you achieve any measure of success. (Note that momentary joy or satisfaction are not the same as happiness.) In fact, research shows that being happy is a precursor to success. And that is “the happiness advantage.” What is “the happiness advantage”? It is a 31 percent improvement in productivity. It causes … Continue reading

The Power to Change Things (for Good Customer Service)

In recent posts, we have been looking at customer service and how to provide it (in a great way.) We have talked about having Attitude, having Ability and how Structure contributes to (or detracts from) a great customer service experience. Today, let’s talk about the last part of the Structure components… Employee Empowerment. (The other parts of structure were Systems, Priority, and Feedback.) You may remember that we took a brief look at Employee Empowerment in the post on Ability. In that post, I said: Sometimes the inability to help comes from structural reasons rather than personal inability. For instance, … Continue reading