Stress Relief – Are You Already Doing These?

In a recent post, I talked about stress and gave you one thing you can do right away to help manage your stress (hint: breathe.) And, I promised that I would share some more things you can do right away to help with stress. Remember, though, that there are two kinds of stress — good stress (eustress) and bad stress (distress). In our discussions we will talking about ways to reduce the bad stress, and not worry too much about the good stress. There are also a few things that are mixed. For instance, exercise is one of those things … Continue reading

3 More Tips to Combat Overwhelm

In a previous post, I shared with you 3 tips you could implement quickly to combat overwhelm. In this post I want to share 3 more. Each of these is also easily implemented… and they have the added benefit of making you more effective, as well. These are tips I share with my clients… and use myself. Chunk It Down Is there something you are trying to accomplish that is overwhelming you? Or perhaps you aren’t even trying because the task seems so daunting. If so, the first thing to do is to break the project (or even the task) … Continue reading

3 Quick Tips to Combat Overwhelm

Overwhelm is everywhere. That’s not news, is it? Most of us live in overwhelm, with too much to do and too little time and energy to do it. In fact, being busy to the point of overwhelm has become “the new normal”. Overwhelm drains us of our energy — both physical and mental/emotional; it robs us of our self-esteem; and — like compounding interest — it digs us into an ever-deeper hole. What if we could learn to get more done without being overwhelmed? I believe that it is possible. Here are three things you can do to start paring … Continue reading

One Easy Step to More Power

You are you ready get more power (back) in your life? It’s simple. And, even easy. (At least, the technique is easy.) Are you ready? Here it is: Take ownership of yourself and of your decisions. How? One way is to start using the phrase “I choose to….” For instance, instead of saying “I don’t have the money”, say “I choose to spend my money on other things.” This can be used in your business, dealings with employees, relationships, your time management, your own internal dialogues – just about anywhere. Sometimes you will say it out loud, sometimes simply to … Continue reading

What to Do When the Customer Is Wrong

Is the customer always right? You have probably heard (or seen) the phrase “the customer is always right.” If you’re looking at it from a customer viewpoint you probably strongly agree with that. If you’re looking at it from the business side of it you probably disagree. How do we reconcile this? Let me propose a new phrase. “The customer may not always be right, but he is still always the customer.” You see, when it gets down to customer service and customer satisfaction, whether the customer’s right or wrong has very little bearing on their satisfaction with your product … Continue reading