Taming Your Tasks with…

Lists Last time, we started talking about using lists to help tame Entrepreneurial ADD (or its equivalent). I talked about how lists can start to bring order into the blizzard of tasks that we seem to have every day. I pointed out a couple of different ways to keep track of your tasks on the lists and to keep track of the lists themselves. (In a nutshell: use a paper version or a digital version.) And I shared how I use Evernote to keep track of my lists. Today, I want to share a bit more about how I use … Continue reading

Why Even Be in Business?

“The mission of this business is to actualize customer service in concert with promoting world class products in a manner consistent with maximizing profit-generation.” I teach about the Business Plan at a business education center’s 10 week class for new business owners. In it, I touch on the section about the mission of the business (and the mission statement.) The students have already covered the mission of their business in the course and I am just reviewing it at that point (in theory.) I say “in theory” because the reality is that most of them didn’t really figure out their … Continue reading

Business Help You Already Have

One of the problems of small business owners is that they can feel like they are all alone and without support. (You may have heard that phrase, “it’s lonely at the top.”) If that is you, I have good news. You probably aren’t as alone as it seems. When teaching about having a Business Plan to some business owners recently, one of the things that came up was the value of having an advisory group. This group may include a board of directors (if you are a corporation) but it also includes many more than that. To start with, let’s … Continue reading

Your Business Is Just Like All The Others

You may hear a lot about how your business is different — what you bring to the table is unique. And I join in the chorus on that… You are Unique — just like everyone else. <wink> But, before you revel in your uniqueness, you need to understand how you are the same. WHAT? Your differentiation comes at the end of the process. Before that, you need to understand the commonalities. In the Dot Com Boom (mid-to-late 90s) savvy business people were asking the tech companies how they were going to bring in revenue, get paying customers, and make profits. … Continue reading

The Best Strategy for Your Business Is…

What’s your best strategy for growing your business? That depends on what stage your business is in. There are 3 stages we will talk about… and each has a different focus. Start-up Stage If your business is in the start-up stage, then your best strategy is encapsulated in the “fastest path to cash” idea. You are looking for the “low-hanging fruit” — the easiest and cheapest method to bring in immediate revenue. This is an excellent strategy for the start-up because it helps ensure that it will live long enough to grow into the next stage. (Most businesses fail because … Continue reading