Lonely Holidays

Last time, we talked about holiday stress and how our stories affected that stress–making it either better or worse. And we talked about some strategies for adjusting our stories during those holiday get-togethers. But what about those times when our stories create stress because no one is there? While a great deal of stress is created by those obnoxious relatives (if you come from a family with no obnoxious relatives, please adopt me — then you’ll have at least one) OR by those obnoxious friends and neighbors (yes, it is possible to have obnoxious friends… and still keep them as … Continue reading

Are You the Target of a Covert Operation?

Are you (your business) the target of a covert operation? If your business isn’t going as well as you would like it to, it may be because there is a covert operation that is sabotaging some of your success. You’ve undoubtedly heard of business espionage. It shows up in the news periodically – especially when a high profile company or case is exposed. Sometimes the goal is purely stealing trade secrets, while other times it’s aimed at limiting the success of the competitor. But this isn’t limited just to big-time companies. Companies of every size have this happening to them. … Continue reading

Business Help You Already Have

One of the problems of small business owners is that they can feel like they are all alone and without support. (You may have heard that phrase, “it’s lonely at the top.”) If that is you, I have good news. You probably aren’t as alone as it seems. When teaching about having a Business Plan to some business owners recently, one of the things that came up was the value of having an advisory group. This group may include a board of directors (if you are a corporation) but it also includes many more than that. To start with, let’s … Continue reading

Make Your Reality Better Than a Fantasy

I once had a bumper sticker/placard that read “I have given up on reality and am now simply searching for a good fantasy.” I kept that for a long time because it resonated so much with me. (Somewhere along the way, it disappeared but I can still quote it from memory.) Have you ever felt that way, too? If so, I have really good news! You create your own reality. Or, perhaps, I should say, you co-create your own reality. And, yes, that really is good news. I hear you saying, “Oh, no! I didn’t create this. I don’t want … Continue reading

When Is the Issue Not the Issue – Find and Fix the Root Cause

One of the things that really irritates me is when someone tells you (me, my clients, someone else) with great sincerity and “wisdom”, you just need to get over it. Sometimes they say it more nicely, like – “Or you could develop more self-control.” “Or more self-discipline.” Or “you shouldn’t care what THEY think.” Or… What they are really saying is “I don’t have that problem… and I’ve never had that problem…. So, how tough can it be?” (Or “I’ve had that problem but I don’t remember what it was like to lick it.”) I mean, how tough can it … Continue reading