The High Cost of Free

Once upon a time, there was a business owner (let’s call him Allen).  Now Allen  was sure that he was a smart operator.  He watched his costs very closely.  He never spent a penny if he could find a way to get the product or service for free. He justified this by citing the poor economy and the fierceness of the competition.  He actually got excited when he was able to find another free service. Allen only went to networking events that were free (or he went as someone else’s guest when they paid for it.)  He educated himself by … Continue reading

Resistance is Futile…NOT!

Recently, I have noticed a lot of people with a lot of resistance… not resistance to me but resistance to their own goals. Now, the truth is, most people don’t consciously recognize their own resistance. As a result, they don’t acknowledge that they have it. Thus, it becomes a silent saboteur to their success. There is a lot we could say about resistance, but I am most interested in helping you recognize when you have it and then how to deal with it. The first thing to realize is that resistance is not, in and of itself, bad. It is … Continue reading

What Does Success Mean to You?

Today’s post comes courtesy of a guest blogger, Susan Henderson ( I have been following Susan’s newsletter “The Successful Dilettante” for a couple of years. If you like this post, I would encourage you to check out Susan’s website and sign up for her newsletter.

Is it Time to Re-examine Your Concept of Success?

In writing or speaking about success so many self help experts and gurus will tell you that if you just do exactly what successful people are doing then you will also have success.

As if it is a given that borrowing someone else’s concept of success is the best way for you to attain success.

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A Simple Way to Grow Your Busines

Want a simple way to grow your business? You do? Are you sure? You are? Okay. If you want to grow your business, then grow personally. I know. You were hoping for a gimmick. A quick fix that would skyrocket your business and put you on top with no pain, little effort, and no thinking required on your part. Me too. The trouble is, those things don’t really work –sustainably– in the real world. They are great for scams and for Ponzi schemes. (And haven’t we had enough of those already?) This idea of growing personally in order to grow … Continue reading

Turn Your Mission Into a Business

I have a workshop called Turn Your Mission Into a Business. The end result is the discovery of a business that you can do… doing things you love to do… in a way that makes money for you. (If this sounds like something you might be interested in, pop on over to the website.)  In the course of working with a participant, I said some things that I think you might find useful, as well. Remember to keep the end in mind… a business that you love, that you love to do, and that will make you money (at a … Continue reading