When Is the Issue Not the Issue – Find and Fix the Root Cause

One of the things that really irritates me is when someone tells you (me, my clients, someone else) with great sincerity and “wisdom”, you just need to get over it. Sometimes they say it more nicely, like – “Or you could develop more self-control.” “Or more self-discipline.” Or “you shouldn’t care what THEY think.” Or… What they are really saying is “I don’t have that problem… and I’ve never had that problem…. So, how tough can it be?” (Or “I’ve had that problem but I don’t remember what it was like to lick it.”) I mean, how tough can it … Continue reading

Addicted to Work?!?

Are you overworking yourself? I keep running across small business owners who are overworking themselves. If they were working for someone else, they would have quit a long time ago. They would be complaining about the working conditions, about the hours, about the pay, and about the owner/manager’s attitude. Most small business owners need a vacation. Not a filled-with-frenzied-activity vacation, but a real, change-of-pace, take-some-time-off-and-do-what-you-want-to-do vacation. And most small business owners don’t take one. They have many reasons. “But I can’t afford it.” A vacation doesn’t have to be expensive. The newspapers, the internet, and bookstores abound with ideas for … Continue reading

The Real Holdup for Business Success

I have recently realized that about 60% of my work with business owners is not directly about their business, their process, or their systems. It is about their life issues. Sure, I teach them about creating systems, about business plans and how to use them effectively. And I teach them about marketing networking cash flow top line sales bottom line results hiring interviewing employee relations customer service and satisfaction email marketing expansion issues positioning (in the market and relative to competition) branding improving efficiencies negotiating contracts firing customers (yes, you read that right) dealing with vendors managing partners selecting a … Continue reading

When “The Answer” Isn’t

One of the 7 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Success is “Trying to do it all on your own.” And it’s true that a huge percentage of us do this. You probably know the correction for it is to get help. I advocate getting help. In fact, my business is built around helping people — through teaching and through group or private coaching. However, there is an undercurrent that I see that can be very dangerous to your efforts. That undercurrent is to expect the upcoming help to be your “deliverer”. Or perhaps, “The Answer.” I see this in pitches from … Continue reading

The Reason Behind the Goal

Why? Have you ever had a child ask you that? And, of course, once you answer, the next response is… “Why?”. In a seemingly never-ending cycle. But the question isn’t limited to children. Lots of coaches and therapists use it, too. Sometimes they use different wording but the essence is still to uncover the “why”. And for good reason. If you can uncover the why behind a goal, a desire, or a behavior, you can have a powerful ally in your fight to change, to achieve, or to control your life. An understanding of the why is especially helpful in … Continue reading