Best Advice from Google CEO? Get a Coach.

Are you a good performer? I bet you think so. (Almost all of us think of ourselves as good performers… even if the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate us.) Would you like to be better? Then get a coach. But don’t just take my word for it.

Google CEO was interviewed by CNN Money and asked what was the best advice he had been given. His answer… get a coach. This is a very short video where you can hear it for yourself.

You will notice that he talks about why a coach is the best advice. A coach makes a good performer, better. “Every famous athlete, every famous performer” got that way with the help of a coach.

Nobody is good at seeing themselves as others and as the world sees them. A coach provides feedback, accountability, encouragement, and, when appropriate, guidance.

Do yourself a favor and get a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you are wanting business success, career success, or personal success. A coach is a success accelerator.

Wondering where to get a good coach? I can provide guidance on that. Use the comments and ask.

Have you used a coach? What were your experiences (good or bad)? Share with us.

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