Are You the Target of a Covert Operation?

Are you (your business) the target of a covert operation?

If your business isn’t going as well as you would like it to, it may be because there is a covert operation that is sabotaging some of your success.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of business espionage. It shows up in the news periodically – especially when a high profile company or case is exposed. Sometimes the goal is purely stealing trade secrets, while other times it’s aimed at limiting the success of the competitor. But this isn’t limited just to big-time companies. Companies of every size have this happening to them.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s happening to your company. In fact, I would almost bet it is.

And I would predict that the goal is to keep you from being as successful as you could be.

Let me make some further predictions about this covert operation. Part of its goal is to keep you from winning customers – or to divert those customers to another business. Another goal is to keep you from utilizing your business profits in an effective way. Still another goal is to keep you so busy that you don’t have time to properly utilize your gifts and your talents.

How do you know if this is happening? Here are some symptoms:

Customers seem really interested in your product or service – but then for some reason just don’t buy.

When customers do actually buy from you they don’t become repeat customers.

People tell you they will send you friends, referrals, or business but nothing ever comes of it.

Everywhere you turn there seems to be opportunity – but as you pursue it, it evaporates away.

You are busier than ever but it doesn’t result in more business or more satisfaction from the business.

You ought to have more money in your bank account than you actually do – as if someone is secretly transferring money out of it.

Is this happening to you?

If so, you are undoubtedly the target of a covert operation.

Trying to track down the perpetrator of such a covert operation can be quite difficult in normal circumstances. However, in this case it will be much easier to identify them. Are you ready?

Walk over to a mirror – and look into it.


I can’t tell you how many business owners I encounter who are their own worst enemy. Far worse than any competition they could have. They are the ones who are limiting their own growth and their own success.

The ways they bring this about are many – and varied. All of them are effective. The reasons behind it are fewer.

Fabienne Fredrickson, a seven-figure (eight-figure?) business coach to holistic entrepreneurs, says in her programs, “When I first started in business I thought that mindset was 10% of the formula for success. As time went by and my business grew, I changed it to 40%, then 60%. I now believe that mindset is fully 90% of the reason an entrepreneur will succeed or not.”

I think she’s right.

Mindset is a funny thing. It can hold you back or propel you forward. It can sabotage your success – or facilitate it. It can make your efforts drudgery or playtime. And sometimes… it can bounce back and forth between them. When this happens, you’ll see success in one area and sabotage in another.

One of the peculiar things about mindset – especially mindset that sabotages – is that you usually can’t see your own. Just as we accept our family interactions as normal, our own gifts as unexceptional, and our own environment as the way the world is – so we accept our mindset as normal… and just the way the world is.

This is one of the reasons that everyone of us needs a supportive community… and every business needs a group of advisers supplying the outside eyes to provide a different viewpoint. (By the way, if you don’t have an advisory group, you need to get one. I talked about that in this blog post.)


Wondering if your mindset is getting in your way? Ask your support community/advisory group.


Needing an outside pair of eyes to provide that look… and then guidance if you find your mindset isn’t all you want it to be? Contact me. Let’s end those covert operations against you.

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