Another Tip to Combat Overwhelm

Is there something you are trying to accomplish that is overwhelming you? Or perhaps you aren’t even trying because the task seems so daunting.

If so, the first thing to do is to break the project (or even the task) down into smaller pieces. (NLPers call this “chunking down”.) Keep doing this for each piece until each one is do-able by itself.

Now, each step is something you can actually do. (Assuming your competence. In some cases it will highlight where you need training, skills development, or to outsource a task.)

If you look at the whole, you may feel overwhelm again, but in a different way. Now, it is not because you can’t accomplish it, but because there seem to be so many pieces to it. Take heart. I read recently that it takes 61 steps to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich if you write out the instructions so that someone who has never done it before can do it, first time. But, if you have ever made one, you can do it pretty easily.

Your tasks are the same way. Many of them seem daunting because there are so many steps. However, as you tackle them one at a time, you find they are not so bad as it seemed when you looked at them as a whole. And many go very quickly.

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