Small Business MentorJohn J. Simmons, CPC

In 2009, John Simmons left the corporate world to devote his experience, skills, strengths and personality to transforming small business owners into 6-figure entrepreneurs and change the personal fortunes of those he works with.

John’s experience as a solo entrepreneur (free-lance writer, internet marketer, coach and mentor), as an employee in small business (5 to 35 employees), his corporate experience (corporations with 18,000 to 35,000 employees), and owning his own businesses gives him the insights and skills to guide his clients to optimize their businesses and operations, increasing their profits by as much as 40%.

John’s ability to find options and solutions when none are apparent makes it seem like “he has x-ray vision.”  His natural talent to spot potential obstacles and then find ways to demolish them before they ever show up  gives his clients the edge they need to speed toward their goals.

His experience in such diverse fields as banking, publishing, manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, and information technology allow him to take innovative ideas from one arena and apply them to a new field on his clients’ behalf, increasing markets and sales by 25%.

John’s clients benefit from his natural empathy, insights, and life-long coaching and teaching experience (he’s a Certified Professional Coach) as he guides their transformation from “wish I could” to “high achiever”.

John’s interviewing and hiring experience (100s of interviews as a hiring manager) along with his 10+ years as a manager overseeing and developing programmers equips him to advise his clients on how to hire the right employees, get their best efforts, and reduce turnover, increasing employee satisfaction by up to 30%.