3 Things You Can Do to "Get It Done"

Recently I posted about the Kimbell Art Museum and almost missing an exhibit that I wanted to catch. As a follow-up to that, I wanted to share what we can do to reduce the procrastination and to accomplish what we need to accomplish and what we want to accomplish (which are not the same things.)

Do you want to get something done? There are three things to do to make it happen.

1. Make sure it doesn’t conflict with an inner value.

If you are at war with yourself, you will lose out. An inner unity to accomplish something achieves power to do it.

2. Become accountable to someone for it.

When you tell someone that you are going to do something and ask them to hold you accountable for it, you create a strong need within yourself to keep your word to them. This provides serious motivation to accomplish the task.

3. Set a hard deadline to accomplish it

Without a hard deadline, you (me, all of us) will put it off, rationalizing that we have time later. “And after all,” we tell ourselves, “I never said when I would get it done.” It is amazing what a hard deadline can cause us to accomplish. (One word of caution here. If you set the deadline too short – so short that your inner self can’t really believe that you can meet it – you will set yourself up for inner conflict (see #1 above.))

What do you think?  Does these work for you?  Don’t put it off. Tell us about it… now, before you “forget”.  🙂

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