3 Low-cost Keys to Finding More Sales

Sure there has been a recession… some would say a depression. But even in the midst of it, there are a number of businesses that are not just hanging on, but thriving. They prove that it can be done. Are you one of them? If not, what can you do to increase your sales in a down economy… especially this economy?

Here are 3 keys that can turn the lock for you while you keep your integrity and your quality in your creative business. (These are not the only keys available, but they are quick, low-cost ways to improving sales that Creatives can embrace.)

Key 1 – Keep a positive, expectant attitude.
The first thing you need to know is that there is business out there. Yes, I know the news media and the pundits are continuing to talk about how bad business is. But people are still buying , even if they are not buying as furiously as before the recession. People still have needs and wants (desires)… and they are still buying goods and services to fill them.
Make sure you have the attitude that it is your goods and services that they are going to buy.

Key 2 – Make sales without selling.
There is business out there. Part of your job is to help it find you.
Traditional sales is about finding the customers and convincing them to buy. It is the rare business owner who enjoys doing this. In fact, when I did a study recently, having to sell was one of the top complaints of Creatives (business owners whose product or service is a result of their creativity).
So learn to sell without selling. What does that mean? There are many things involved, more than we can cover here, but one of them is to focus on relationships with people (who happen to be in your target market or who are friends with people who are in your target market.) We all prefer to buy from people we know and like. So find ways for your target customers to get to know and like you.

Key 3 – Look at things from your customer’s point of view.
Too many businesses (including Creatives… maybe especially Creatives) build a business that they want to promote, instead of a business that customers want to buy from.
I am NOT saying that you have to change your business… but I AM saying that you have to look at your business from your customer’s point of view and then talk to him in his language.
You can have a business that is simply what you like and want (but you must work extra hard to find the other people in the world who share that with you… and who are in a position to buy from you) OR you can have a business that is what some (readily accessible) segment of the population likes and wants… which you can get into creatively. Either way, you are identifying the needs/wants of the potential customers and creating/promoting to match those.

What techniques, tactics, and strategies are you using to get more business? Use the comments form and let us in on it.

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