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Raves for the Small Business Mentor

Why are they raving about John and his work?

 Because John delivers the results that his clients need. But, let them tell you in their own words:

"Thank you so much for joining us this morning on our DreamTeam Mastermind panel! It was great to meet you and to see first hand that all the raves about you [are] absolutely true! Thanks again for the expertise you brought to the room." —Mindy Audlin - Network On Purpose (

"I received $10,000 worth of business consulting.  Wow!  Tremendous advice to help us grow our company... John is a business genius!" —Dennis Terry - Sales Manager, Darryl Lackey Roofing

"John has been mentoring to me for about six months now. By following his plan and being accountable to him, my photography business has been catapulted to success! John helped me focus and hone my skills to create a very specialized and lucrative niche. John has given me all the tools I need to put my business on the fast track to success!" Dave Tucker, Professional Photographer

"Thank you very much for NAILING how I needed to frame my... offer. I knew you were good but you're a human laser!" Ann Convery - International Media Consultant, Author, Speaker

"It's like John has X-ray vision. He sees right to the heart of the issue." Bob Higgins, Pastor, New Hope Baptist Church

"Just wanted to brag on John Simmons for his professional business guidance and consultation which propelled my business to the next level. I met with John... and because of his expertise in business planning we were able to put together a business plan that has changed the course of my business by implementing new marketing strategies that have made a vast difference to my business's bottom line. John is very seasoned and brings a wealth of information and experience to the table which he uses very effectively in providing business solutions to your business or career. I would recommend John Simmons to every business or organization that wants their business or career to be more successful and experience substantial personal and financial growth." Gary Whitehead – Owner/CEO - Heavenly Host Cleaning Services

"John, thank you so much, I needed this! (The focus and clarity from our email session.) So many things I can do.... Thank you for giving the jumpstart I needed." Carol R Mori,

"John’s a great team builder taking time to consider the talents of each member and takes time to leverage those strengths so that each member can do a lot of what they do best. Mentoring seems to come naturally to John. He relates comfortably to a broad range of individuals and can personalize his interactions to maximize results by helping each person capitalize on their talents, skills and knowledge." Beverly Kellow - Director (of a National Healthcare company)

"John is a pleasure to work with. He is able to provide individual direction customized to your needs. He is an excellent listener and communicator is who is able to draw on his vast knowledge in many areas of personal development and business success.

His step by step process along with his ability to spark insights within to move you closer to your personal and business successes. He makes the process fun, guiding you one step at a time. Before you know it you have moved far beyond any place you thought you could be.

His breadth of knowledge on many levels covers a very broad spectrum from personal growth and assessment to the technical/practical knowledge needed to run a successful business." Carol Mori - Carefully Recorded Memories

"John is an awesome speaker. Very positive. Lots of great ways to help small or large business owners to grow, motivate and lead their employees." Brenda Gammon, Gammon Financial Services

"Working with Simmons Solutions has changed my life!

As a business owner, I was struggling with feeling pulled in too many different directions and [with] keeping my focus on the important things to my business.

John helped me to prioritize my tasks and my schedule so I am able to get more done in less time. I am working an hour less per day and enjoying that time with my children.
John has also taught me to see the value in setting measurable goals and benchmarks. Without this process I was getting pulled along with the ebbs and flows of my business and not feeling in control of what was happening. By working with John I have been able to accomplish many of the things that have been on my “to do” list for a long time. What a wonderful feeling it has been to scratch off those “to do” items.
I... have learned many techniques to motivate and get the most out of my employees. Morale has never been higher and our employee turnover is the lowest it has ever been. And, a happy employee is an effective employee. As our employee morale has improved our customer satisfaction has also increased. What could be better- happy employees that take good care of their customers and are effective in there job duties? How about happy employees, satisfied customers and our best year-to-date sales figures in 12 years?
I have also applied many of these principles to my personal life. As a busy mom and business owner I found it difficult to balance home and work and one or the other was always getting the short end of the stick. Now, I have successful tools to balance home and work, and I have even made time for me! This has improved my quality of life and has reestablished my enthusiasm for life in general. I have not been this optimistic about the future in a long time!
Simmons Solutions has been a life changing relationship. I am so grateful to John for providing the knowledge, accountability and the motivation I needed to get my life and business in balance."
April DeLeon, Alltech Orthotic and Prosthetic Services, LLC

"Every time I talk to you John, everything makes so much sense. I know just what to do." Carol Mori




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